April 2012: Overwhelm

April  2012

Te reo Maori is taking me over
It really is immersion 
I want to run away
I feel like I’m not in control
My brain is straining, hurting, stretching
Is this how it feels when new neural pathways are being forged?
I feel slow
I feel old
I wake at night a lot
Hot flashes ( what a punishment)
Heat radiates from my core and out to the rest of my body 
Then, kupu Maori enter my befuddled brain
Bits of this and bits of that
A word here and word there
Random and in no particular order
A tune of a Waiata but I cant remember which one it belongs to
Bits of Karakia
I try to make sense of what we are learning
I can’t so I get up make a cuppa and read, if Im lucky I’ll fall asleep for a couple of hours till the next hot flash, Torture!
Is this what its like to learn a new language.

Oy-vey Ka-pai



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