October 2012: The journey is more important than the destination

October 2012

Every now and then I have these “moments of clarity” or some feeling of inspiration that learning te reo Maori IS the absolute right thing for me to be doing.. I’m never entirely clear why I am doing it but it FEELS right and I WANT to do it and I am LOVING it. That should be enough reason I reckon. I’m intrigued by the many comments I get from people who I tell. Some are great and say “good on you” and “Wow, that’s amazing and I would love to do that too” But then there are others who are incredulous “Why would you want to do that?” and “What are you going to do with it”  This got me thinking about how we are so often in our society driven by what are we going to get out of something, what gain, what for etc. Its less common and seems less acceptable to just be doing something because you want to or having some calling to it like I have to this.

The journey is more important than the destination.  This is definitely true for me but obviously not for everyone. I am a journey person, I am not particularly ambitious. In fact I’m not really ambitious at all.  I have some ideas and dreams but mainly I guess I live in the moment. Although that is not to say that I am contented and at peace with myself and the world – far from it. I spend much of my time worrying about this and that.  Maybe more ambition would give me a focus but it does not seem to be who I am. I am working on trying to be who I am and be OK with that.  Today I will be proud that I am doing something I want to do and not for something or someone. Doing things because of my perception of what is expected of me has not got me anywhere so time to try something different.


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